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  • D. Hendricks

Here’s Your 2021 Military & Veterans Day Discount for Target

Target has announced that they are bringing back their Veterans Day military discount for 2021.

If you love shopping at Target and you love military discounts, then read further.

From October 31st through November 13th, Target is offering a 10% discount to all veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families.

The discount can be used both online or in-store, and it can be redeemed on two separate transactions.

If you would like to claim the discount, you will need to add your military status to a Target Circle account. This can be done via Target’s website or directly on their app. provides more details on how to register for it:

From there, users should visit the Target military registration page and enter their details. We tested registration in 2020 using two accounts, one as a dependent of a veteran and one as a dependent of an active duty service member. In both instances all that was required was information on the service member’s name, birth date and, in the case of the veteran, service end date. Registration was verified immediately after submitting the form.

Along with being able to claim your Veterans Day discount, there are other perks you can get by adding your military status to your Target Circle account.

Target’s website says that you will also be made eligible for future “bonus offers.”

Regarding the Veterans Day discount, Target said the discount will apply to the shopper’s entire basket.

It is Target’s most inclusive store-wide offer, and it contains more products and brands than any other discount they offer.


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