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  • C. Jenkins

New Executive Order Has Big Impact on Veterans

A new executive order was signed that aims to provide relief for veterans during these trying times.

The order, signed by the Biden administration, is asking the VA to pause debt collections again.

Debt collection was previously stalled for nine months to help veterans during the pandemic, but that pause expired on January 1, 2021.

When they began recollecting debts last month, many veterans were outraged to be hit with a large bill from the VA to recoup 2020 medical expenses.

Here’s more on the executive order from

According to the White House, an economic relief executive order signed Friday "will help approximately 2 million veterans maintain their financial footing by asking the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to consider pausing federal collections on overpayments and debts.

There is not any information available yet as to exactly what debts the VA would delay, or for how long they would delay the collections.

Rep. Chris Pappas had the following to say about the executive order:

"Far too often veterans face unexpected debt collection from the VA, some due to overpayments that were through no fault of their own," Pappas stated. "However, this Executive Order will provide the relief so many need and ensure that our veterans can focus on their physical and financial health during these trying times."

It is important to note that executive orders do not necessarily carry the full weight of the law.

Earlier this week, the VA came out and said they are now “exploring options” to pause debt collections again.

Dat Tran, acting secretary of the VA, said in a statement Monday that the department was “exploring options to pause federal collections on compensation and pension overpayments, and medical and education-related debts.”


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