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  • C. Jenkins

US, South Korea to Begin Biggest Combined Military Training in Years in Face of North Korean Threats

As North Korea is becoming increasingly more aggressive, the U.S. and South Korea will begin expanded military drills next week.

It will be their biggest combined military training in years. The military drills will begin August 22nd and run through September 1st.

Recently North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned he's ready to use his nuclear weapons in a potential military conflict with the U.S. and South Korea.

The U.S. and South Korea have stated the military drills are merely defensive in nature, however they will still likely not go over well with North Korea.

Here's more from Military Times:

The drills, which will kick off along with a four-day South Korean civil defense training program led by government employees, will reportedly include exercises simulating joint attacks, front-line reinforcements of arms and fuel, and removals of weapons of mass destruction.
The allies will also train for drone attacks and other new developments in warfare shown during Russia’s war on Ukraine and practice joint military-civilian responses to attacks on seaports, airports and major industrial facilities such as semiconductor factories.

Only time will tell how North Korea will react to the large-scale combined military drills.

But many already expect Kim Jong Un will have a strong negative reaction to it.

Last month the deputy director of a think tank run by North Korea's Foreign Ministry said if the U.S. and South Korea don't stop their military exercises and pressure against North Korea, they will face "unprecedented" security challenges.

North Korea has reportedly been getting ready for its first nuclear test in almost 5 years.


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