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  • J. Olson

US Troops Shoot and Kill Two Armed Men at Kabul Airport as Afghans Try to Flee Amid Taliban Takeover

As thousands of Afghans try to escape following the Taliban seizing control of Kabul, U.S. troops have killed two armed men at Kabul’s Karzai International Airport on Monday.

The news comes after the U.S. took over the Kabul airport on Sunday in an attempt to oversee the evacuation of its diplomatic team and embassy’s personnel.

“U.S. troops shot and killed two armed men at Kabul’s international airport, according to a U.S. official. The armed men, who numbered at least two, approached U.S. troops deployed to the airport to provide security and assist Americans and other individuals in a safe departure from Afghanistan, the official said. Few details were available about how things transpired between the U.S. troops and the armed men, who weren’t identified,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

Monday morning the U.S. suspended flights out of the Kabul airport after Afghans breached security, ran onto the airstrip, and tried to hold onto departing aircraft.

“The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans who flooded the tarmac, per [CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr]. Biden’s national security advisers have made clear this a.m. they don’t consider the airport secure right now,” stated CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Twitter.

Not only is the U.S. rushing to evacuate its diplomats and officials, but there are also an unknown number of American citizens reportedly trapped in Afghanistan behind Taliban checkpoints.

The Biden administration recently announced they will deploy an additional 5,000 troops to aid with the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

Fear has spread throughout the region after the Taliban seized control of Kabul following the United States’ withdrawal.


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