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  • C. Jenkins

You Will Soon Be Required to Contact the VA Every Month to Receive Payment if You Are a GI Bill User

If you are a Post-9/11 GI Bill user, you will soon be required to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs every month to verify your school attendance before you’ll be able to get any payments.

The new rule states that if you don’t verify your attendance, you don’t get any payment.

According to a VA press release, this change is taking effect immediately for GI Bill users who are going to a technical school. The VA said in order for those individuals to receive their Monthly Housing Allowance, they must contact the VA every month.

And then by December 17, the VA plans to make all Post-911 GI Bill students verify their attendance every month.

More details via

For most students, this will be done via text message. After enrolling in courses, students will receive a text message from the VA inviting them to enroll in text message verification. They can reply "Yes" to opt in. At the end of each month, students will receive a text from the VA asking whether they are still enrolled in classes. If they respond affirmatively, their Monthly Housing Allowance will be sent to their bank at the beginning of the following month, the release says. Those who fail to verify their attendance with the VA for two months in a row will have their housing allowance payments withheld until they do so, it adds.

For students who either don’t receive a text message or don’t have a cell phone, they will be required to call the VA’s GI Bill hotline at 888-442-4551 to get their payment.

Anybody who is going to be affected by the new rule should expect to be contacted by the VA before the requirement begins.


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