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  • J. Olson

Military Members and Veterans Get Free Tax Preparation, Here's How

A special service offered through the Department of Defense gives free tax preparation to military members.

The website is called MilTax, and they joined forces with Military OneSource to provide military members with the neccessary software and assistance to file their taxes for free.

The site is specifically geared towards service members and helping them get the biggest refund they qualify for.

Oftentimes military members can have complicated tax situations stemming from having to file in multiple states, travel allowances, combat pay, etc.

MilTax understands all of this, and they can help you work through it all and maximize your refund at the same time.

Here’s more from

The software is easy-to-use and lets you work at your own pace, saving your calculations for later, letting you add more data and make changes before filing. Through a series of simple-to-answer questions, users complete their tax returns and can electronically file their federal and up to three state income tax returns straight from the website. No software downloads are necessary.
Calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate by the software provider, with money-back guarantee of up to $10,000.
In addition to providing military members with free and easy-to-use tax preparation and filing software, MilTax provides consultation services designed specifically for the military community, and an extensive knowledge center of articles and resources designed to help you prepare and file your taxes.

With tax time coming up, this could be a good option to both help you save some money on filing your taxes, but also making sure you get the biggest refund possible.

Another option to check out is using on-base tax centers that are standing by with trained individuals to assist you.

If you have not already gotten your W2 to file your taxes, you can view yours at

Typically the IRS starts accepting returns around the end of January.


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