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  • D. Hendricks

The Latest Threat to Nuclear Security Is Wind Turbines

You'd be hard pressed to find any American that thinks nuclear security is not important. Nuclear weapons can cause mass destruction on a level that hardly anything else can. That said, many people have no idea that one of the biggest threats to nuclear security today is wind turbines.

If you're wondering how wind turbines could possibly have anything to do with nuclear security, read on as we navigate this topic.

Nuclear security wind turbines

How Are Wind Turbines Related to Nuclear Security?

Throughout the United States nuclear launch sites are hidden on plots of land beneath the ground. A large chunk of these pieces of land are tied to private farmlands that have towering wind turbines on them to produce renewable energy. This has caused quite a problem for the US military as these wind turbines are very tall.

The turbines are so tall, in fact, that they could block crucial trajectories for many of the military's weapons. Furthermore, the turbines could interfere with military helicopters that have to fly low when responding to alarms on military bases.

So What Can Be Done Moving Forward?

In the Senate version of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, limitations were put forth on future towers that have implications for the military. These limitations, however, only apply to wind turbines that are not yet built. And the language is only included in the Senate version of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, not the House version. So in order for changes to actually be made, the Senate and House must meet on the topic and come to an agreement together.

Hopefully an agreement will be made soon and a plan will be finalized on how to minimize the threat to nuclear security posed by wind turbines.


Jan 22

Isn't it the case that our ICBMs' initial launch trajectory is straight up vertical, and therefore could not possibly contact any such proximate farmland windmills?


Dio Diocoles
Dio Diocoles
Jan 18

There are greater threats to our nuclear facilities than wind turbines.

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