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VA Wants to Remind Vets of Little-Used Burial Benefit

VA officials are wanting to inform vets that some of their benefits extend not just during their lifetime, but also after they pass.

And the benefits are being widely underutilized by veterans.

According to officials, only 20% of eligible veterans who died last year were buried in a VA-managed or VA-supported cemetery. This benefit comes free of charge to the families of veterans.

So as the VA pushes to expand awareness of this little-used benefit, we thought we'd compile information for you all about how to take advantage of it.

Some of the most important veteran burial benefits include:

  1. Burial Allowance: This is a lump sum payment to help with burial expenses. The amount of the allowance varies depending on a number of factors, including the veteran’s service status and the location of the burial.

  2. Burial in a National Cemetery: Eligible veterans can be buried in one of the 155 national cemeteries managed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This service is provided at no cost to the veteran’s family.

  3. Headstones and Markers: The VA provides headstones and markers for the graves of eligible veterans. The markers can be inscribed with the veteran’s name, rank, branch of service, and dates of birth and death.

  4. Presidential Memorial Certificates: These certificates are signed by the President of the United States and are given to the families of eligible veterans as a symbol of gratitude for their service.

  5. Transportation: The VA will often pay for the transportation of the veteran’s remains from the place of death to the national cemetery.

  6. Flag: The VA will provide a burial flag for eligible veterans. This flag can be used to drape the veteran’s casket or accompany the urn.

  7. Spouse and Dependent Eligibility: Spouses and dependents of eligible veterans may also be eligible for certain burial benefits, including interment in a national cemetery and the issuance of a Presidential Memorial Certificate.

It is important to note that eligibility for veteran burial benefits varies depending on a number of factors, including the veteran’s service status, length of service, and location of burial. To learn more about the eligibility requirements for these benefits, contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In conclusion, the U.S. government provides a variety of benefits to eligible veterans and their families to help with the expenses associated with their burial. These benefits serve as a symbol of gratitude for the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes and help to ease the financial burden on their families during a difficult time.


Herbert Woodbury
Herbert Woodbury
Aug 14, 2023

I live in Nevada and the Nv Veterns Sservice Oofficers have been a huge help to me. They helped me raise my disabilit from 40% to 60% a few years ago and now they are helping me with a claim under the PACT Act. very good and knowledgeable people.

I don't know if other states VSOs are as good but I can't thank them enough.


May 11, 2023

To find out what you are eligible for, a good place to start is your state's Dept of Veteran Affairs, ie., FL Dept Veteran Affairs. Each state has one, and it will have links for federal VA benefits.

In addition, most states have offices of County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO) that are certified through various service organizations (ie., Am Legion, VFW, DAV, etc), as well as trained by the VA to assist veterans, and their survivors with claims, as well as benefits briefings at no cost. They are county employees.

Hope this helps...


Alex Gray
Alex Gray
May 11, 2023

If you are,nt Va how are you telling us what we,re get?


May 10, 2023

Mary D.

May 2023

My husband and I are both Veterans. We both want to be cremated and our son will know what we want done with our ashes. I am a 40% disabled veteran, what if anything does the VA pay or not pay for a service/viewing and the cremation services for us?


Eleanor Richardson
Eleanor Richardson
Jan 31, 2023

My husband passed away 01 January 2023, he was awarded 100% disability in 2021, although his records show some of his injuries were before 1975 and 2001. He unfortunately did not know he was eligible for more than the 10% he received in the 90s. After being urged to go to the VSO in Moore County, he was eventually awarded the 100% for PTSD and 100% for hearing loss. As I navigate through the various processes, I continue to get conflicting information. I was told we only get reimbursed up to $2000. for funeral expense if his death certificate states cause of death is disability related and if I show a full paid funeral bill. I took the receipt ($3762.72…

Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

What is DIC


HUSBAND IS VETERAN, I know inevitable is coming sooner than later, I just don’t know where to start

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