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Veterans, Here's How to Find Your Old Military Friends After Leaving Service

Reconnecting with military comrades is a cherished goal for many veterans, and it's now easier than ever. This guide explores various methods and resources to help veterans locate and reunite with their old military friends. From government organizations and veterans directories to the extensive reach of social media, like Facebook, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to assist you.

The shared experiences and bonds formed during your military journey can endure, and we're here to help you relive that camaraderie with your former comrades. Whether you served on the frontlines or in far-flung deployments, we have the tools to help you rekindle those connections.

Join us on this mission as we offer practical guidance, tips, and strategies for reconnecting with your old military friends. In addition, stay updated with the latest Military News and Veteran News.

Let's embark on this journey together, and may you find joy and fulfillment in rediscovering those who shared your military experiences.

Find military friends

Government Organizations

While government agencies cannot offer contact information for veterans or active-duty individuals, they can help you contact former colleagues. Here are a couple of such examples

  1. Department of Veterans Affairs: If you have a claim with the VA and your current address is on file, the VA can send you a message if requested by another service member.

  2. SoldierForLife (Army): This program offers retired and veteran troops useful information, access to the "Echoes" magazine, and reunion schedules.

  3. Navy Retired Activities: This organization provides retirees and veterans with a plethora of information, including links to reunions and access to the "Shift Colours" magazine.

  4. Air Force Retiree Services: On their website, retirees and veterans may discover valuable connections, reunion information, and access to the "After Burner" magazine.

  5. Marine Corps "Leatherneck" Magazine: The official magazine links unit reunions and helpful information for retirees and veterans.

  6. Coast Guard, United States Public Health Service, and NOAA: These organizations have the "Long Blue Line" magazine, which includes reunion listings and more information for retirees.

Veterans Directories and Locators

Veterans Directories and Locators are online resources that help veterans find services, benefits, and support in their area. They offer a centralized way to access vital information and assistance.

These directories specialize in helping veterans to find military friends. Here are a couple of notable examples:

  1. Interactive Vietnam War Memorial ( platform allows visitors to search the virtual wall for people they know and pay tribute by adding photos, comments, and stories.

  2. Veterans Service Organizations Directory — This directory includes a variety of service organizations that may provide reunion listings or location services. Organizations that issue periodicals with reunion information include the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Check out Locating Veterans and Service Members.

Veteran news


Believe it or not, Facebook has become a strong tool for reconnecting with old military mates. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Search by Name: You may use their names to find former pals on Facebook. If you discover them, you may send them a message and reconnect.

  2. Check for Duty Station Groups: Instead of looking individually, check for Facebook groups related to your previous duty station. These organizations allow persons who served at the same command to interact and reminisce.


For veterans, reconnecting with old military friends is extremely important. Fortunately, several tools and strategies are available to help with these reunions. Numerous routes await you in discovering your old companions, whether through government organizations, veterans directories, or the scope of social media sites like Facebook.

Best wishes in your quest, and may you find delight in reconnecting with individuals who played an important role in your military career.


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